Buy, finance or lease new cars

The advantages of new cars compared to used cars

For more than 15 years, AutoScout24 has been offering a platform for the purchase and sale of vehicles of all kinds: small and middle class cars, SUV and luxus limousines, sports cars and oldtimers, commercial vehicles and motorbikes. An advantage of new cars in comparison to used cars is the warranty. Not all manufacturers provide longer warranties, but especially the ones from Asia are providing up to 7 years of warranty on a new car (at a mileage up to 150000km). However, many manufacturers offer special promotions on new cars with longer warranties. Furthermore a purchase of a new car avoids hidden defects and additional costs for used cars. Additionally, using the new car configurator, you can choose which color and equipment you would like, whereas used cars cannot be configured.

Interesting facts about new car purchases worth knowing

When financing, you purchase the new car, however not using a one-time payment, but monthly payments. When leasing, you only own the new car (e.g. a new Audi, VW, BMW, Skoda, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Opel or others) for the time of the leasing plan and return it afterwards. It is important that the agreed mileage (mileage leasing) and accidents can lead to high additional payments. Furthermore, a leasing contract for new vehicles is not terminable. Another way is called "terminal value leasing" and works differently. The residual/ terminal value of the new car and the leasing rate are calculated at the beginning of the contractual period. At the end of the leasing period, the actual residual value is determined and there will be compensation payments for the vehicle.

Explanation of EU-new cars and the difference between dealers

EU-New Cars are vehicles that are imported from other EU-countries which can be offered cheaper in Germany due to different taxes or vehicle prices. The same requirements are applicable for these new cars, because there is a Eu-warranty! Meaning: No matter which country of the EU the new car is from, there will be the same warranty. Car agencies are acting as agent for vehicles. They receive good conditions by the manufacturers or dealers and are able to sell the cars on a cheaper price. Many agencies are interesting price-wise if the service after the purchase is not considered as important. Authorized distributorships (like Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Skoda, Ford or Opel) in contrast sell their new cars for higher prices. However, they include additional warranty, service or repair packages for new cars. The free dealer (no distributorship) is based in between the authorized distributorship and car agency. The prices for new cars are usually also located in the moddle and they offer less additional services.